Using (APPLE)

Apple is the one of the top electronic device manufacturing company. In fact, they have developed their own software and devices. Due to this reason, apple has become interesting for me to search it on the The picture above is the result from   As you can see above, the search visits has […]

Aussie TV Shows & Online Activities

1) My Kitchen Rules Online Marketing Activities – My Kitchen Rules website has made a small box like the picture below, to attract more people to have a look through their page, and gain those potential customers interests. They make issues by implementing different kind of characters to the different team. “MKR will continue with […]

Social Network System as a business strategy

Blog Entry #3 What is Social Network System? ” Social networking is the practice of expanding the number of one’s business and/or social contacts by making connection through individuals.” (Margaret,2015) Nowadays, many people spend time with their mobiles and computers. In fact, they spend most of their time having a look through their own social […]

Youtube Video

Hi all! Hope everything is going well. I have uploaded a interesting video on my youtube channel! If you guys are interested in making a coffee especially a Latte, come and have a look! Please subscribe my page and like my video! Hope you all enjoy my video! Wish all the luck to all Link:

Two Business Models & 5Is

Two Types of E-Business Model There are several types of business model. Thus, the world is currently focusing on the internet based business models due to the development of the technology. This progress of building business models on internet is called E-business. The concept and the models on E-business can be clarified as E-business model. […]

About Myself

Hi all this is Jason Kim! Hope you all doing well. Today I am here to introduce a bit of myself. I am currently taking bachelor of commerce majoring in Accounting in University of Canberra. I am through my second semester of my 2nd year and I guess I had pretty good time studying in […]