Aussie TV Shows & Online Activities

1) My Kitchen RulesMKR

  • Online Marketing Activities

– My Kitchen Rules website has made a small box like the picture below, to attract more people to have a look through their page, and gain those potential customers interests. They make issues by implementing different kind of characters to the different team. “MKR will continue with their successful formula of making it about the characters, particularly the villains.” (Reality Raver, 2015)

MKR follow

  • Domain

– as you can see the domain of this website is fairly simple. It tells you which TV channel they are broadcasting on, and the name of their program

  • Content

– If you have a look at the web page, the webpage contains quite a lot of interesting contents. It has the recently updated news about the program in the middle of the screen. It has the last episodes’ short video clip which is located right below the main news section. Under the video clips, there are the recipes page where the audiences can actually find a recipes from the episodes. On the left side there are some promotion section where they advertise their sponsor company. At the bottom of this section, there is a team section which shows the current participants in this show.


  • Connections & Community & Communication

– My Kitchen Rules website certainly tried to build strong connections and communication centre by making a small box with its social network pages. They have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. In other words, they are trying to get more attention by generating more of interest through people’s daily life.

  • Cross promotion

– If you the web site of My Kitchen Rules, there are number of promotions going on. On the  top of the page, It has the biggest promotion box. On the right side there are smaller promotion sections where all those advertisement occurs. At the bottom of the page, you can see the charity’s advertisement.


2) The X Factor


  • Online Marketing Activities

– The X Factor has made their Facebook, and Twitter page to promote their program. Also, they have uploaded the participants videos on the Youtube as well. “communicate the desired change in ways that create line of sight” (Eric.M Eisenberg, 2015). In addition, it has the email button on the top, so that people can access the producers with their inquiries.


  • Domain

– would be the domain for The X Factor. It shows the channel that they are broadcasting on and the name of the program which can give the information to anyone who is interested in The X Factor.

  • Content

– The X Factor website contains various kind of information about the program. On the top of the page, it has the  Latest news about the TV show and, you can watch the short clip of previous episodes. Also, on the right side there are the small boxes where it promotes other TV shows on same channel and the advertisement of their sponsors.



  • Connections & Community & Communication

– The X Factor uses three different social network system to achieve their communication and connection goals. In fact, lots of the fans build their fan page on the social network which can be clarified as a community. For example, uploading a video clip on the Youtube would give the interests to the viewers, and they would build a fan page on the Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

  • Cross Promotion

– For the X Factor, it does not have various promotion but it still has quite a amount of advertisements. Firstly, If you have a look on the right side of the webpage, it has medium sized box section where they give out the advertisement. At the bottom of this box, it gives the information about the other related TV shows on the same channel which is channel 7. Also, it is promoting their PLUS7 App, so that they can give out better accessibility to the customers.


3) The Block


  • Online Marketing Activities

– The Block is using the Social networking system as a main online marketing strategies as the social network system is influencing people’s daily life. In other words, they want to get more into people’s lives.


  • Domain

– is a domain for The Block. It has the information about the which channel that this show in broadcasting on and it is giving out the name of the TV program.

  • Content

– The Block web page contains various kind of information. To start with, on the top of the page it contains the episodes and the videos. Also, it is giving out latest news about the TV program. It has the section where it does the poll as well. In addition, the webpage contains the photos of finished buildings. More interesting thing is, they are actually selling the properties for sale at the bottom of the webpage.


  • Connection & Community & Communication

– The Block is using the social networking system to promote their web page. Social network can enable The Block to communicate and gain connection between their viewers. In fact, a lot of people will get interests from the short video clips or photos from  the social networking system. ” Every opportunity you have to syndicate your content and increase your visibility is valuable” (Jayson, 2014)

  • Cross Promotion

– If you have a look at the top of the page in the middle there is a small box where it give out the advertisement. As this TV show is based on the modifying property, at the bottom of the page, the real estate agent is actually selling the property so that people who are interested in buying property after the TV show can get the information straight away.



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