Travel Agency Websites and Analysis



Tripadvisor MINT

Tripadvisor LLC is a public limited company which was established in 2007 in United States. It holds around $300,000 mil (MINT 2015) of operating revenue.

tripadvisor traffic\

  • Traffic Analysis

As you can see above, since October 2014, the rate of using tripadvisor has increased through April 2015. On April, tripadvisor’s traffic has made the biggest traffic rate. During April and July the traffic rate is showing the downwards graph. But, it slightly started to increase their traffic rate since July 2015. Tripadvisor has a global rank of 4,875th place which has ranked up 259 places ( In Australian website rank, it has scored 64th place.

Tripadvisor traffic 2

Most of the customers were located in Australia which was the superior rate of 77.6% compared to other countries. As this website has the domain of “” which it mostly likely to focus on people in Australia.

  • Product Offering

Tripadvisor product offering 1

Tripadvisor enables you to plan out your own trip schedules. If you type in certain details such as dates or city or hotel that you want to travel, will give out the best matching results to the customers. Furthermore, for the comfort of customers, they enabled different kind of services such as flights, restaurants, and holiday rentals.

Tripadvisor product offering 2

The image above would be the best example of tripadviors’ recommendation and customers feedback. Based on these kind of information customers can verify the products that the website has offered in their own taste.

  • Target Market

Tripadvisor target market

Audience Demographics shows the analysis of the current customers as well as the analysis on possible customers. Tripadvisor holds more female customers than the male, people who graduated school which means when they draw out their future promotion or marketing strategies they could focus on female groups and people who graduated school. Furthermore, their browsing location pattern is fairly at home which means tripadvisor company can give out more benefits when the customers browse at home.


Wotif MINT

Wotif.Com Holdings Limited is Australia made travel agency. It has a proprietary limited company type and was established in 2000. It holds around $130,000 to $140,000 operating revenue annually (MINT).

  • Traffic Analysis

Wotif Traffic 1

Wotif is ranked as 19,066th place around the world has 318th rank in Australia ( Since October 2014 until 2015 July, it is constantly showing downwards graph which indicates the customers are putting less interests. This would be the part Wotif should focus on to get back their customers.

Wotif Traffic 2

As you can see above, most of the customers are Australians. Australia has the superior rate of 78.8% as this company was found in Australia and the target markets for the Australians.

  • Product Offering

Wotif Product Offering 1

Wotif produces various kind of offerings. The customers can plan out their own travel. It enabled the search engine for customers comfort. In addition, customers can book not only the accommodation but also, the flights, car hires, and activities. Furthermore, it has the package value which gives out better option for the customers.

Wotif Product Offering 2

They are showing the daily top deals as their recommendation which can attract the customers attention. Also, WOT DEAL section would give the best savings for the customers. In other words, Wotif provides various kind of discount and services.

  • Target Market

Wotif Target Market

The target market for Wotif would be female groups and people who didnt go to College. Also, a lot of people browse this website in School or at their work.


Trivago MINT

Trivago GmbH is a limited liability company which was established in Germany in 2005. It holds $131,522 of operating revenues in 2012 which was a huge increase from 2011 which was only a half of previous year $64,685.

  • Traffic Analysis

Trivago Traffic 1

Trivago holds 59,285th place in global rank and 1,082th place in Australia. Since 2014 October, they have increased steadily until 2015 April. However, from April, it started to decreased slightly until July 2015. In fact, this is not a drastic fall compared to other travel agency.

Trivago Traffic 2

Trivago is only famous among Australia and United States. 74.7% was from Australia where as only 1.6% was from United States.

  • Product Offering

Travigo Product Offering 1

Compared to other on-line travel agency Trivago holds a very simple website theme. It only has the search button which can look clean and simple.

Trivago Product offering 2

when you actually type your destination, this page pops up and gives you all the list that you can choose. On the left side, you can refine the search. The outlay of this website is nicely set out compared to other travel agency websites as it is more simple and give the information that the customer wants.

  • Target Market

Trivago Target market

Trivago holds more female customers than male customers. The education which customers had was fairly simple. No college people or graduated people. They mostly browse this website from home and work.

Website: MINT B.V is a private limited liability company which was found in Netherlands in 1996. re-links their search results to other travel agency website. In 2013, made $438,600 of operating revenue. It has increased from year 2012 and year 2011.

  • Traffic Analysis Traffic 1 holds 81th place in Global rank and holds 17th in Italy. The graph was downwards since October 2014 until January 2015. However, After January 2015, it is showing drastic upwards pattern through out July 2015. Traffic 2

The audience geography shows a spread pattern. It is popular around Europe nations and United States. Italy was 8.6% which took the first place and the following was United states holding 7.0%.

  • Product Offering

Bookings Product offering 1 has simple set of search engine. On the left top corner of the website this yellow box has located. It helps the customer to select the date and destination and usage of their trip.

Bookings Product offering 2 gives the properties they are holding on to the right side of their website. Which you can just click on to it if your destination matches with the option.

Bookings Product offering 3

Also, at the bottom gives the information about themselves and what they can do for the customers. Also, they laid out all the cities that they can serve customers whenever they need help.

  • Target Market Target

For female group had superior rate than the male group. In education, people were attending some college, or not attending any college, or they already have graduated form the school. Their browsing pattern was simple. Most of the people browse this website from their school which indicates the customers are based on the students.

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  1. great work! the data and information that you provide on the blog with the photos make me easier to understand. you know some people don’t like looking at the stats data so your pictures helps a lot!


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